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24/7 Color cameras bring out the details on the darkest of nights ask for details.

License Plate Recognition cameras can capture plate details in the darkest of nights. Ask us for details.

Specialists in Farm Video Camera Installation and Small Business Camera Systems

Storage Facilities

Where we install monitoring systems

Security cameras, wireless security cameras, WiFi access points, network expansions, remote temperature sensors we install it all. Call for a free estimate!

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Security camera installation for farm and small business.

  • Installing LTS, Hikvision

  • Fully-consultative approach

  • On site demonstrations

  • Pre-installation walk through

  • Full service installs start to finish

  • Year-round installations

  • Farm Cameras

  • Wireless Cameras

  • Waterproof Cameras

Farm Operations,

Hemp growers,

Agri Tourism, Farmers Markets

High definition is all we install!

  Installing 4mp or higher resolution on every install. We give you the clearer picture. Clean professional installations, we handle it all start to finish.

  Simplified installations without extensive cabling. Linking buildings with wireless saves time and money. With a clear line of sight signals can be sent in excess of one mile.


 Going beyond security.

  Taking camera systems beyond security and into cost savings. Using cameras as a monitoring system can and will save you money. Let the system work for you by using them as

  • Quality control
  • Monitor maternity pens,preventing loss
  • Heat detection

     4k resolution security cameras now   available! 

Providing  a clearer picture so you can feel better while you're gone.


        Serving Southern Wisconsin

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